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Speedometer - Odometer App

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GPS-спидометр для Android
Do you want to know how fast bus travel is? What was the Meter-gauge when you were on the train? The HUD Speedometer mph will display the speed of vehicles in real-time. It does not matter you travel by trains, cars, bicycles, and airplanes. The speedometer app is for all vehicles. GPS Speedometer - Speed Tracker is the most functional and efficient application recommended for you. Now download all in one Speedometer app.

GPS Speedometer and odometer that helps you keep an eye on your speed while driving. The Speed tracker app is a high-performance speedometer and odometer with digital and analog display. GPS Speedometer and odometer app have a feature of the record. Speed, Time, and Distance when you are on a trip. The speedometer and Odometer calculate your speed and distance traveled in KPH or mph as selected by you. It has many features like measuring speed, total distance, average speed, etc. The Speedometer-Speed tracking app is a DigiHUD speedometer that displays speed and distance information for your journey. You want to check speed when biking, running, flying, and sailing, etc. The speedometer mph app is the best choice for you.

The GPS speedometer and odometer will measure the speed of any transport. The speed limit is displayed in analog and digital values and shows the vehicle speed on different scales. The GPS Speedometer app for motorcycles will measure your travel speed. Also, when the speed limit exceeds alarm will start to sound. A HUD speedometer in miles per hour shows your vehicle speed just like your car speed, and a digital odometer will show you the car speed in digits. Car speedometer offline app can track time, speed, distance, and your current location. The mileage tracker app supports different speed units such as miles per hour (mph), miles per hour (km), and knots. The most accurate GPS speedometer app will help you keep track of the road when traveling while driving or jogging. When you use the digital Speedometer mph with a map, it will also provide GPS navigation.

Feature of Speedometer - Speed Tracker & Odometer:
• The digital speedometer mph measures the distance meter and the GPS speed meter.
• Measure your travel speed (driving, biking, walking, or jogging) with the GPS speed app.
• The digital HUD speedometer displays the HUD with an accurate speed.
• GPS speedometer odometer app will show you the average speed and the maximum speed.
• Set a speed limit and when you go beyond your limits this app will give you dangerous alerts.
• The Miles Tracker GPS app gives you the ability to choose multiple colors to display.
• Mile tracker tracks speed in three different units’ KPH, mph, knots.
• The GPS speedometer and odometer are small in size and use very little battery.
• Digital speedometer car app helps you keep track of the road while driving or walking.
• The GPS speed tracker app also shows the speed in the notification.
• You can set the unit you want and you can also change the unit at any time.
• The GPS speedometer and odometer have a simple and attractive user interface.
• Car speedometer app works offline because speedometer mph is speedometer offline app.
• HUD Head-up display speedometer offline app is very simple and easy to use.
Требуется Android: 5.0+
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