Network Connections


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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Network Connections


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Мощный инструмент, который отображает и отслеживает все входящие и исходящие соединения
Powerful tool that displays and monitors (tracks) all inbound and outbound connection from and to your Android device. A low-level connections capture module ensures best performance with a minimal battery usage. Works on NO ROOT phones too.

A must have for every Android aficionado, Network Connections is the perfect addition to the Anti Spy Mobile app that will reveal the 'secrets' of your apps.

- Monitors all internet connections from and to your Android device
- Displays notification when hidden apps are connecting to remote servers
- Displays detailed IP information for each connection - IP address, reverse resolving (PTR), AS number, Abuse RBL data, administrative information, etc.
- Gets detailed info about each app that connects to remote servers and network connections used by it - permissions granted to each captured package and all IP addresses used by it.
- Real-time sort by most active, latest connections or by package name.
- Log and export the captured data.
Требуется Android: 4.1+
Русский интерфейс: Нет

Разработчик: Anti Spy Mobile
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