AccuAmpere - Battery Ampere


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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
AccuAmpere - Battery Ampere

Краткое описание:
Просмотр скорости, тока заряда (в мА) и основных параметров аккумулятора устройства
Use Charge AccuAmpere find the fastest charger and USB cable for your device. Measure the charging current (in mA) to find out!

- Check how fast your device is charging with Different Apps.
- Know how long it takes to charge your phone and when it’s finished.

Lithium Polymer batteries don't draw the maximum for the full time it takes to charge the phone. If your battery is charged almost full then the charging current will be much less as by lower battery levels.

Free intuitive and easy to app for Android. This App specially design for Samsung, Huawei, Xiami, One Plus, Oppo, Vivo, LG, Motorola and other devices. Please don't forget to install.

How to use?
Just open the app and see measure the charging current(in mA) of your battery, change the settings if needed (enable alarm, Languages, Themes, etc.), that's it!

Features in this app
⭐️ Measure real battery capacity (in mAh).
⭐️ Look up the discharge speed and battery consumption per app.
⭐️ Remaining charge time - know how long it takes before your battery is charged.
⭐️ Remaining use time - know when you will run out of battery.
⭐️ Measure the battery temperature.
⭐️ Track Live charge usage of Apps
⭐️ Battery Complete Information
⭐️ Helps you unplug your phone/tablet on-time.
⭐️ Set custom battery alarm(in the app settings).
⭐️ Material design looks.
⭐️ Simple and easy to use.
⭐️ Fast and lightweight.
⭐️ No bloat/unnecessary features.
⭐️ Clean and simple user interface.
⭐️ Support All Major Languages.
⭐️ Free!

Designed with simplicity in mind to make sure it's simple for everyone to use.
Требуется Android: 5.0+
Русский интерфейс: Да

Разработчик: MOBIZONE's
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